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Brand Story

How is the brand "Chanson" created?

After a overview of compromised and homogenized industry of short-distance scooters, with a desire to create a "perfect" short-distance travelling scooter,a group engaged in more than ten years of designers in the scooter, bicycle, electric vehicle field have co-founded this company the named brand “CHANSON”whichmeans "innovate unlimitedly, dare to go first".    
 As a new enterprise led by the designer, CHANSON focus more on the design and R & D, we have combined years of technical precipitation with innovation,and create every product with "artisan spirit"and provide the best solutions. From a designing innovation to realization of each function, else handling each detail, anywhere all reflect our"focusing", "rigorous", "humanized"attitude towards products.
The future, CHANSON will adhere to our core values"innovate unlimitedly, dare to go first", and constantly optimize design and innovate function to serve global customers by win-win cooperation.