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Development History

One of CEO & Founder Mr. Daniel Fu

● I am a real technical veteran with nearly 20 years of experience of this industry, progressing from zero to pressional, I personally think my career is a struggle history.
● 1998, I came into motorcycle repair industry and learned basic maintenance.
● In 1999, I joined the Shenzhen Yuanda (subsidiary of Taiwan J.D.Corporation) engaging in basic processing work like argon arc aluminum / iron, secondary processing, metal mold making, CNC wire cutting and other.
● After 5 years of technical baptism and self-study accumulation, in 2004 I was promoted exceptionally to R & D department to do design work by the Yuanda group, fully responsible to all the work including product development & design,trial production,shipments,my duty especially contained desiging the products ordered from important customers like the European market,Japan,Decathlon and other.Until 2006, due to excellent work the company appointed me as the director of R & D,which was unprecedented at the time.
● In 2009, I was recruited as the general manager of production department of a company in Zhejiang Province, solely responsible for the management of department of R & D, PMC, Production,and served the customers like American Razor / France DECATHLON / UK, etc.
● In 2014, famous for a very challenging draft, I was hunted into a big scooter corporation as chief R & D engineer, responsible for R & D and design work of all the product.during my work I had designed 3 products and successfully made them popularized in the market and reputed globally.
● In 2016, because of unwilling to be ordinary and accept unsatisfactory, I gathered several people who have an ambitions consensus and co-founded Shenzhen Chanson Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd with only intention to create my “ideal product”, My goals is going to the world to serve everyone.