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AK-1 automatically folding Electric Bike inspired by the Transformers
Views: Date: 2017-06-13 11:47:57

AK-1 automatically folding Electric Bike inspired by the Transformers
Being avid fans of the Transformer Series, we were obsessed with all things transformers hence the birth of the AK1. The first automatically foldable electric vehicle powered by a battery.
Greener, alternative means of transports is becoming increasing popular. We are more health conscious, more time conscious, gone are the days of sitting in traffic, now we are choosing alternative ways of travelling to work, shopping and days out. The Chanson team believes that there is an opportunity to grow and make a real difference to the Electric Battery Vehicle Sphere.
Unlike others, the Chanson team are avid users of electric battery vehicle therefore the AK1 consist of all the solutions to the problems they faced with other alternative electric vehicles powered by battery. One of the issues was the complexity in folding an electric vehicle to place in the trunk of the car. Combined with their obsession of transformers and their engineering expertise, they designed the AK1 to be folded within a press of a button. Simply press the button to fold and press the other button to unfold. Simplicity at it's best.
To achieve this, the Chanson team researched, developed, pro-typed for 2 years before coming up with the final design. With brilliant control system,and powered by 3 motors, there's plenty of punch within the AK1.
The Chanson team knows power is importance so the AK1 is fitted with an 350W Motor providing you 3 different speed levels, with a maximum speed of 30 KM/H, with a range of 45KM. The AK1 has a removable battery, allowing you to easily replace and safely charge. Designed for all terrains, AK1 has an shock absorber ready to handle wherever you ride. An illuminated LCD display provides you with charge levels, speed, mileage and so on. For those obsessed with their phones, the AK1 has a USB port letting you charge as you ride. No longer worry about your phone battery life when you going out.
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